Shaped Video Development Log #2

Our heroes return with yet another developer log. I’ve just finished working at an internship and until another one starts up next week I have mornings free to work with Eric on Shaped.

The big news! We’ve gottenĀ the game to run on the iPhone directly. No more emulation – legit, we have an app that will run and play our game from start to finish. Now begins the labor of optimization – getting the thing to run at a solid 60 frames a second and to behave responsibly. We’re going to messing around with control schemes – now that we’re not using a mouse to simulate a finger, we need to rethink exactly what will be the most intuitive control scheme.

And come up with a friendly sound that isn’t just that kid laughing. God, I designed that sound and even I find it irritating now.

We’re not quite on the home stretch, but we’re getting there. Tomorrow Eric and I are checking out banks to set up an account for Send More People. Things are happening, folks. Huzzah.


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