A Lantern, A Lesson Learned

A lantern I drew this afternoon.

One trick I’ve discovered is that is insanely helpful to have a second window open with some existing art to reference. I used to think that this was sort of cheating – that the best artists are able to draw from their own imagination – but these days I’m learning that the benefits of a real-world example are too good to refuse. Reference images give ideas for proportion and how things are balanced. After tracing some parts, and improvising on others, I have an art asset that will probably make it into the final game.

A conversation point arises. Eric and I need to start talking story. Shadow figures have already presented themselves to us, half-formed. Who are the “Deepfolk” who made this lantern – what is their story?¬†Once we decide what the story is surrounding the people, we can envision culture, and as a product of that, their architecture and design. Are the Deepfolk a rigid, pragmatic people? Are they artisans? I have to say I want to avoid the trope of an ancient, now extinct civilization that leaves behind fantastic technology. If we go that route I hope we can at least variate upon a theme.

This lantern, by the way, may use a particle emitter for the flame once it’s through. The chain will be made up of a series of successive joints, with physics attached so that the lantern will sway in the wind. Once it’s working I may take a page out of Eric’s book and make a tutorial video on how its done.

Learning more every day. Stay classy, folks.

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