Drift Update: Fuel Gauges

Now you can fill up your fuel by tapping into the fuel lines from wrecks.

Fuel Lines

Fuel Lines

Some modules spawn with a fuel line attached, which the player can tap in to in order to gather fuel.

Our New Plan

Our New Plan

We’re insanely bold…or boldly insane?!

We’ve got procedurally generated ships. Score.

We've got procedurally generated ships. Score.

Hey presto. Ships produced through code.


New music for Drift. “The Mournful Abyss”

Space and the ocean depths work together, thematically.

Drift update – February 23, 2014

We’re back to working on Drift.

What’s fun is that we can apply some of the skills we’ve picked up in our “in between” projects. Eric is doing some pretty incredible work with procedurally generated voxel terrain. I’ve had a little practice working out an oxygen system (originally it was for Debris) so I took my work freom an earlier project and built off of it.

Huzzah for game dev!

3 Years of Games Designers Talking Online


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